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Dutch for Beginners I
Languages and Culture
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About this course

In this course you will acquire basic knowledge of the Dutch language. We use a method based on blended learning.

Expected learning outcomes

  • You are familiar with basic Dutch sentences, expressions and their meaning.

  • You are able to participate in a simple Dutch conversation. You can talk about personal information and familiar subjects by both asking and reacting to questions, provided that your partners speak slowly and very clearly and are willing to help you formulate your meaning.

  • You can understand the meaning of basic Dutch sentences and expressions about personal information and familiar subjects, provided that your partners speak slowly and very clearly and are willing to help you formulate your meaning.

  • You can write a short Dutch message.

  • You can read and recognize familiar names, words and sentences in a short message. End level: CEF A1 STUDENTS: this course is free of charge, by registering for this course you agree to attend both 75% of the course and the final exam of the same quartile. If you don’t meet these requirements, you will have to pay 100 euros. EMPLOYEES wishing to register for this course must complete the Administration Form as costs are involved. Submit the form at the ESA service desk in MetaForum at least 2 weeks before course start. Only fully completed and signed forms will be processed.


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Course requirements




More information
  • Local course code
  • Study load
    ECTS 2
  • Level
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Annemie Keeris, Annet Zonneveld, Bregje de Laat, Carlo van der Meer, Eleonore Helle, Jacques Wajon, Katerina Sevcikova Lepkova, Leonie Kasje-Adriaanse, Monique Basten, Monique Damen, Patrick van 't Hooft, Peter Plaatzer, Sophia Taibina, Svetlana Tompoidi, Truike van Rooij, Vika Lukina, Willemijn Goossens
  • Mode of delivery
    Online - at a specific time
  • Course coordinator
If anything remains unclear, please check FAQ page.
  • Start date

    22 April 2024

    • End date
      23 June 2024
    • Main language
    • Apply between
      11 Dec and 19 Jan 2024
    • Time info
    Enrolment period closed