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Advanced Computational Fluid and Plasma Dynamics
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About this course

The course provides an introduction to advanced computational methods useful to investigate fluid and plasma flows and their dynamics from the micro- to the macro-scales, under laminar and turbulent flow regime. The course presents an overview of several key complementary computational methods.

  • Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM);
  • (pseudo)-spectral methods;
  • Particle based methods (Molecular Dynamics, Brownian and Stokesian dynamics);
  • Finite volume methods;
  • Particle-in-cell Monte Carlo (PIC-MC).

Expected learning outcomes

  • Gaining insight into the concepts and numerical methods for the solution of flow and plasma problems;
  • Gaining an understanding on the basic physics of gases, fluids and plasmas;
  • Training and enhancing the modeling ability on fluid dynamics and particle based processes;
  • Application of advanced numerical methods to physical systems.



Course requirements

Experience with programming is highly advisable. Without such experience, the course can be followed, but will take more effort than is represented by 5 EC



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    ECTS 5
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