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Management of organizational change
Business and Economics
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About this course

The course focuses on leading organizational change and transition processes. It introduces core theories and models for organizational change processes, from understanding the change to implementing and sustaining it. Throughout the course, you work with different company cases of an organizational change where you use theories and models to analyze and make recommendations with the concern for both people and performance. In addition, concrete examples are presented through guest lectures.

Expected learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the forces that are transforming organizational change and practices including the SDGs.

  • Compare and contrast the models for leading organizational change (e.g. Lewin and Kotter)

  • Argue for the choice of theory and methods used in analyzes.

  • Understand the impact of change management on people; organizational results and the organizational design.

  • Understand critical success factors for implementing technological change in environments and the critical role managers play in the change process including how to mitigate employee resistance.

  • Identify stakeholders and their roles in implementation processes.

  • Apply practical tools and theoretical concepts and models covered in the course to analyse a current organizational change in practice.

  • Apply theoretical concepts and models covered in the course to plan an organizational change intervention in a simulated or practical context.

  • Relate the analyzed change case to the SDGs 3 & 8.

  • Perform a qualitative analysis of a change process and suggest solutions to improve them based on a scientific argument.


No final exam. Assessment is based on Evaluation of experiments and reports during the course

Course requirements

Bachelor in Engineering Management, Design and Innovation or equivalent Knowledge of business models, organizational behavoiur, organization and management theory


Online Lectures, peer review of individual assignments, case analysis and project work in teams of 6 students, industry presentations.

More information
  • Local course code
  • Study load
    ECTS 5
  • Level
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Christine Ipsen
  • Mode of delivery
    Online - at a specific time
  • Course coordinator
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