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Sustainable entrepreneurship
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About this course

The general course objective is to create a regenerative entrepreneurship lab offering a stimulating and hands-on educational environment, where students work, in collaboration with impact entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, on impactful startup ideas contributing to the regeneration of environmental and social systems. The course offers literature, case studies and tools supporting student learning throughout their entrepreneurial journey. By participating in the course, students will collaborate with impact entrepreneurs and organizations on: 1. The formulation of a societal challenge that can be turned into a business opportunity; 2. The development and validation of a regenerative business model idea tackling the formulated societal challenge; 3. The creation and presentation of a business plan, leading to the development of a new regenerative startup.

Expected learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of sustainable and regenerative entrepreneurship

  • Analyze business-oriented societal challenges in collaboration with impact entrepreneurs and other stakeholders

  • Identify; evaluate and prioritize market opportunities related to a formulated societal challenge

  • Analyze market opportunities in collaboration with potential customers

  • Develop a regenerative business model idea addressing a societal challenge and its related market opportunities

  • Analyze the competitive environment and adjust a regenerative business model idea accordingly

  • Create a solid business plan based on a regenerative business model idea

  • Evaluate a regenerative business model idea and the related business plan.


A mid-term group assignment; an end-term group assignment; an individual report that is associated with the group work

Course requirements



Lectures going through theory and examples, in parallel with project work in groups.

More information
  • Local course code
  • Study load
    ECTS 5
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  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Francesco Rosati
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