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Advanced Seminar Operations & Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Finance & Supply Chain Resilience
Business and Economics
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About this course

Subject-specific content • Supply Chain Finance • Reverse Factoring • Supply Chain Risk Management • Finance and Operations Interface

Methodological content (depending on assigned papers and limited to an introductory level) • Research Design • Analytical Modelling • Game Theory • Event Study Method • Econometrics

Expected learning outcomes

Upon completion of the module, students are able to • understand and analyze state-of-the-art approaches to supply chain finance and supply chain risk management, • understand selected research papers and evaluate their key findings, • present and explain complex research studies in a comprehensible and interesting manner, • evaluate suggested management solutions in the supply chain finance and supply chain risk management context and assess their strengths and weaknesses, • create management recommendations based on recent academic studies, • and criticize innovative approaches by assessing potential shortcomings.


Upon completion of this module, students will demonstrate their ability to cope with advanced research studies, to comprehend and assess study outcomes, to compare contributions of several studies, and to transfer theoretical concepts to practice through a seminar paper (70% of final grade; length of 15 pages including references). This method requires students to formulate an academic paper themselves; it can be seen as an exercise towards writing a master thesis.

In addition, they will prove their ability to communicate even complicated relationships and methods to their peer students through a presentation in a comprehensible fashion. They will further guide and moderate an ensuing discussion throughout which they will demonstrate their ability to criticize and assess innovative approaches and their potential shortcomings. The presentation including moderation of ensuing discussion accounts for 30% of the final grade (presentation duration 30 minutes + 30 minutes discussion). Complementing the written seminar paper, the presentation is targeted towards students who have not read the set of same papers; this poses the challenge to present theoretic work in an interesting fashion while breaking down complex relationships into understandable information without loosing rigor.

Course requirements

Management Science, Production and Logistics Please note: all classes will be 100% online. There will be classes during the semester and at the end. Students do not have to be in HN.


Seminar Each students will be provided with three research papers and asked to study them intensively. Each student in this seminar receives a different set of papers. As one form of guidance, students will be provided with a detailed set of questions that they need to answer. Students are asked to prepare a seminar paper, that is, an academic essay in which they critically reflect upon the questions they are provided with. This seminar paper will be written in a scientific style. At a later stage in the semester, the actual seminar will take place, where students present their findings and moderate an ensuing discussion. Throughout the semester, Moodle will be leveraged to provide ongoing feedback and incentives to start working early on on the assigned questions. At the beginning of the semester, specific milestones with deadlines will also be provided.

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    ECTS 6
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    David Wuttke
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