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System Design Engineering
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About this course

Course’s Objectives:

  • Effectively understand and evaluate the significant aspects of System Engineering

  • Understand and apply the Holistic System thinking approach

  • Understand and Apply

  • 1 System Engineering and Analysis Concepts

  • 2 System Engineering and Development Practices

  • Learn how problem-solving can be improved by

  • Utilizing thinking algorithms

  • Creativity methods

  • Problem-solving heuristics

  • Evaluate the problem-solving stage by identifying and understanding the problem as the key towards a creative solution

  • Learn how to model complex systems using Systems Design and Engineering Patterns

  • Apply analytical decision support practices

  • System Modeling and Simulation System Modeling and Simulation

  • System Performance Analysis, Budgets, and Safety Margins

  • TOOLS for System Engineering

  • Model Driven System Engineering

Course Structure: Peoples: Course Coordinator – dr. ir. Ion Barosan Teacher Assistants: Three students are available to provide assistance and act as the initial point of contact for help with the final project and course activities.

  • Teaching Method:

Hybrid sessions: Lectures and Hands-On

Final Project: working in groups of 3 students

Final Exam: Feedback: Every week, students are required to individually upload a One Minute Paper (OMP) on Canvas. Every OMP is graded 0.05 points. Final Grade (FG): has the following components:

FG = 56% EG + 30% PG + 10% IG + 4%OMP; EG – the written exam grade, PG – the final project grade, IG – the individual grade, Peer Review Project, OMP – one minute paper

  • Written exam for TUe students

  • On-line exam for international students – Proctoring format

Expected learning outcomes

Learning Objectives: Apply the concepts of Model-Driven System Engineering Implement, execute and check complex SysML Models representing systems and artifacts using an MBSE methodology:

  • Implement and create viewpoints for describing the architecture of the system

  • Generate and organize requirements models of system architecture

  • Specify and build the structure of system architecture

  • Define and produce the behavior of system architecture

  • Execute and test the executable system architecture

  • Document, Publish, Test, Validate the models using SysML tools.

  • Integrate different engineering domains using an MDSE approach and modeling the interfaces between them

  • Apply thinking algorithms, as a central tool for generating innovations in many aspects of system engineering using model-driven approach:

  • Understand and apply the methods used for solving engineering contradictions and improve the decision-making process in engineering activities

  • Define the levels of innovation and explain their importance.

  • Recognize and overcome psychological inertia using creative thinking.



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    ECTS 5
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  • Start date

    22 April 2024

    • End date
      23 June 2024
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      11 Dec and 19 Jan 2024
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      Option 1: Monday 10:45 - 12:45, Thursday 15:30 - 17:30. Option 2: Wednesday 17:30 - 19:30
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