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Scientific computing for Mechanical Engineering
Theme: [unknown]
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About this course

Block 1 - Programming principles and data structures (4 lectures and 2 GS, 6x2h=12h) Block 2 - Object-oriented data structures and linear systems of equations (4 lectures and 2 GS, 6x2h=12h) Block 3 - Component and block-based programming (2 lectures and 1 GS, 3x2h=6h)

Expected learning outcomes

After this course the students are able to design and implement a scientific code to solve a system of equations, to control a complex system, or to post-process large amounts of digital data. The coursrse targets the development of genereic programming skills. For that reason, use is made of multiple programming languanges, with a prominent role for C and Python.



Course requirements

You must meet the following requirements

  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Scientific programming (2MMN20)



More information
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    ECTS 5
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